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Root Awakening: Periwinkle cultivar, leaf miner infestation and extra

Root Awakening: Periwinkle cultivar, leaf miner infestation and extra

Plant is a periwinkle cultivar

What is that this plant? How do I look after and propagate it?

Ang Siew Eng

Your plant is a cultivar of the Periwinkle (Catharanthus cultivar). It needs to be grown in a sunny location because it wants direct daylight and well-draining soil to thrive.

Keep away from utilizing a rising combine which is heavy with clay or one which has an excessive amount of natural matter. Water when the combo feels barely dry, shield the plant in the course of the wet season and keep away from rising vegetation too shut to 1 one other.

Your plant has grown fairly lanky. Prune longer stems to encourage a bushier development behavior.

The stem suggestions can be utilized for propagation. Use a well-draining rising combine to do that. Place cuttings in a shady space till they’ve taken root earlier than transferring them to a brighter website to develop additional.

Word that this plant is extremely inclined to stem or root rot, which is caused by moist, poorly drained soil and overwatering. As soon as a plant begins to wilt, there’s nothing that may be finished to put it aside.

Vegetation infested with leaf miners

How can I preserve my vegetation wholesome and stop them from being eaten or broken by bugs?

Quek Hock Chee

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