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Sania Ashiq Leaked Video viral: New politician scandal

Sania Ashiq Leaked Video viral: New politician scandal

A member of Pakistan’s parliament, Sania Ashiq Jabeen was born in Lahore and raised there. She studied at the National College for Drug Administration before earning her degree as well-versed in pharmaceutical sales with an associate diploma from Law college OPREHA

Sania Ashiq Javeen is a Pakistani politician who serves on behalf or district Toba Tek Singh – Khanewal where she received primary education until high school levels when it shifted to Islam Girls High School Chak Shahzad Town Other than government service career spanning over 24 years which includes working 18+years. Sania Ashiq is a known political personality in Pakistan. There are number of scandals reported from Pakistan in the last few months. The private clips of anchors and Tv stars surfaced on social media and Twitter. The government failed to stop such incidents in the country.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party is leading others with their new and fresh faces in the public eye. Trademarking to carry talented individuals who are willing for change, PML has started an effect on how they’re operating now more than ever before! The political party cornered from the scandal and controversy. This controversy sparked a new rage in the woman in Pakistan.

She believes that she is the best person for this job because her sole intention has always been to serve mankind, not herself. Ashiq does not think it’s no joking matter whether she sits on administering or resistance seats; serving others in one’s position should come before anything else.

Sania Ashiq Video leaked

The video and private clips were leaked to the Twitter platform. This sparked the controvery in the fans. The Pakistan cryber crime took down the video but it was too late. The leaked videos already circulating to different sites and groups.

There are also few private photos which are viral on internet. The police investigating who leaked these stuffs.

She suffered during her early days as a politician when she was assigned to work in an administrative position at the drug store of Leader Nawaz Sharif. In 2013, Sbahle joined PMLN and learned about how they need female candidates with interest for legislative issues so that’s why it is important for females like herself who have been interested from young ages can be educated on these matters too!

Heck Yeah: Women politicizing their roles through education. Is this a political step to damage the reputation of the politician. More updates soon.

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