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Sizzling Bods: Triathlons, marathons and Argentine tango

Sizzling Bods: Triathlons, marathons and Argentine tango

SINGAPORE – Meet this week’s sizzling bods: entrepreneur Zach Chen, 38, and tutor Evonne Wong, 35.

Zach Chen, 38


Peak: 1.72m

Weight: 67kg

Train routine: I competed in biathlons, triathlons and marathons, so my weekly mileage ranges from 30km to 80km. To coach power, I do calisthenics. To coach explosiveness, I do plyometrics.

To coach dexterity, I do bouldering. I additionally get pleasure from play-making as some extent guard in basketball. For restoration and joint well being, I practise yoga.

For psychological well being, I meditate. Daily, I attempt to incorporate at the very least 20 minutes of intense exercises and 10 minutes of stretching. Most of my exercises final one to 2 hours.

Food regimen: I really like spicy meals, uncooked seafood, vibrant fruit and Nonya kueh.

Selection and moderation are my guiding ideas. My every day hydration is about three to 6 litres of water, relying on the exercise. Daily could be a cheat day, so long as I work off extra energy than I soak up.

Evonne Wong, 35

Biology tutor

Peak: 1.68m

Weight: 65kg

Train routine: I swim 40 laps as soon as to twice per week, coupled with one evening of salsa and bachata and one evening of Argentine tango. I spend about 1½ hours swimming and 4 hours dancing.

Food regimen: I really like potatoes. I’m an epicurean who doesn’t imagine in denying myself any cravings – life is just too quick. However I do practise moderation. I’ve cravings for fried rooster or Korean barbecue at occasions – I’ll indulge since these aren’t meals I often eat.

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