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Root Awakening: Rose plant infested with thrips

Root Awakening: Rose plant infested with thrips

Rose plant is infested with thrips

I’ve a pot of roses which used to bloom superbly. Over the past 4 months, it’s nonetheless producing plenty of flower buds, however they both wither earlier than blooming or look lifeless once they bloom. What went incorrect?

Ng Chiang Choon

It seems that your rose plant is infested with thrips. These pests appear to be small, longish bugs. They scrape and injury plant tissue.

Their injury is most blatant within the flowers. Flower buds turn out to be deformed and have brown streaks or edges on the petals. They usually fall earlier than they’ll develop absolutely.

Sadly, thrips are quite common pests on rose crops and they’re very troublesome to regulate utilizing most pesticides, be it natural or chemical.

The simplest and selective pesticide to handle thrips is spinosad and it must be rotated with others to scale back the probability of pest resistance. Microbial pesticides that include entomopathogenic fungal species, reminiscent of Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae, could present some management too.

Each pesticides are utilized by professionals and may be fairly expensive to buy and use for hobbyists.

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