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Torque Store: i-stop image lights up when automotive is transferring and goes off when it stops

Torque Store: i-stop image lights up when automotive is transferring and goes off when it stops

I’m driving a six-year-old Mazda 3. The i-stop image on the instrument panel lights up when the automotive is on the transfer and goes off when the automotive stops. When the engine restarts by itself, the i-stop image goes off for a couple of seconds and lights up once more. Ought to the image be off when automotive is on the transfer? My automotive mechanic says it might be as a result of the i-stop system battery voltage is inadequate, however I’m not certain what this implies.

In newer Mazda automobiles, the yellow i-stop warning signifies that the stop-start operate is deactivated. This mild will come on when the operate is manually switched off, utilizing a button that’s marked “i-stop OFF”. It ought to come on by default every time the engine is restarted manually.

A always lit warning that comes on by itself signifies a fault within the start-stop system. The commonest trigger is low battery cost. Changing the automotive battery will reset the operate to its regular state.

Earlier than that, you also needs to have the alternator, which fees the battery, checked to make sure it’s working correctly. In any other case, the brand new battery will weaken in a short while and the fault will recur.

Not like most stop-start techniques, Mazda’s i-stop doesn’t depend on the starter motor to restart the engine. As an alternative, when the engine shuts down at a visitors junction to preserve gasoline, it does so when one piston is in its compression section. To restart, gasoline is injected straight into the precise combustion chamber whereas the ignition module fires the spark plug.

Regardless that the starter motor will not be required, a wholesome battery is critical so that in i-stop shutdown, auxiliaries such because the air-conditioner blower, radio or headlights will keep switched on.

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